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macadamia.jpgGreat profit & easy to organise

Our specialty is helping organisations raise valuable funds through our delicious fudge drive program. No fundraiser is too big or small for us to handle and our extensive selection of premium smooth fudge will practically sell itself!

Product Features

  • Great profit
  • Simple & easy to organize
  • 23 premium delicious flavors in the range
  • Easy to follow 'Fundraising Pack'
  • Members pay in advance for product
  • No minimum order

Fundraising with Spotted Dog Fudge is a wonderful, fresh alternative to traditional fundraising methods. Instead of working hard to sell products, our delicious fudge will practically sell itself – everyone will love silky, smooth, home-style fudge.

The Spotted Dog Fudge program an easy way to raise valuable funds. Schools, sporting clubs, fundraisers and charitable organisation call Spotted dog fudge an excellent way to raise valuable funds and it is so easy.

How to Fundraise with Spotted dog fudge

  1. Print order forms.
  2. Book a delivery date for your fudge drive by calling Spotted dog fudge on Ph: 0403 128 694.
  3. 6-4 weeks before your fudge drive delivery date, distribute a copy of the Spotted dog fudge drive order form along with a cover letter (the cover letter will be emailed to you, you can then add your details in before distributing it.) to every member of your organisation. Ask members to obtain orders from family & friends and return the form to you with payment with in 2 weeks of delivery date.
  4. 10 days before your fudge drive delivery date, tally the total pieces of fudge quantities and ring your total order to 0403 128 694 or email a total order sheet to sales@spotteddogfudge.com.au We will send you an invoice for payment prior to delivery.
  5. Your fudges will be delivered to you on the pre-arranged date. You may like to organise a few friends to help divide up the fudges into individual orders, ready for collection by your members.

Download what you need from here: